Department of Materials and Textiles

With the development of material industry, The Department of Textile Engineering was established in 1969. However, it was reorganized and its name was changed from The Department of Textile Engineering to The Department of Materials and Textiles in 2001. Currently, The Department has 11 full-time faculty members. Additionally, the enrollment in this Department is about 300 undergraduate students now.

The department puts emphasis on both teaching and research in materials and textiles technology areas. Besides, its goal is to help students to advance their studies in materials and textiles/polymer technology as well as to be proficient in theory and practice. In our teaching and research areas, organic materials, polymeric materials, and high added-value textile materials have been identified as three primary directions. Moreover, in order to catch up with the development policy of our country, the following areas are emphasized as well: biotechnology, nanotechnology and opto-electronic technology. Furthermore, our department has the advisory committee to assist and counsel the development in teaching and research areas.