Institute of Materials Application Technology

The Institute of Information and Communication Engineering were founded with the motivation to fulfill the manpower demand in the information and communication era. As a result, the institute emphasizes the development of application theories and practical technologies. Furthermore, complementary to the development of the Far-Eastern(FEG), our mission is to cultivate researchers and engineers who are capable of integrating applied technologies in the information and communication engineering. Our research areas are including: Communication Systems, Neural Network Systems, Digital Image Processing, Integrated Multimedia Communication and Information, Sustainable Energy, and Optics-Mechatronics. For accomplishing the objectives of technological education, the Institute of Information and Communication Engineering puts equal emphasis on theory and practice and gives consideration to technological integration, along with the main development directions as follows:
1. To cultivate engineering elites in accordance
with economic development and strengthen
2. To reinforce technological research and promote academic exchanges
3. To integrate department resources and enhance industry-academic cooperation